Artist Statement - Harry Goldstrom Photography

Harry Goldstrom Photography
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Photographically I believe there is a symbiotic relationship between the landscape and music, particularly my favorites of Celtic, Classical, and Jazz. I first became aware of this during my college years as geology major when my interest in photography became serious.  In photographing the landscape, I find the elements of form and symmetry to be omnipresent and as a result continually make the comparison between a symphony of the landscape and a musical score.

The inter-twining of these two art forms evokes similar feelings within me.  Photographing a stand of trees at dusk brings to mind a Loreena McKennitt composition, a Niamh Parsons piece, a haunting Enya score, or a Ralph Vaughn Williams orchestral composition in a quiet and reflective moment. Conversely, photographing a scene created by dynamic geologic forces or manmade abandoned structures evokes works of Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis.  Musicians create emotion with scores and instruments.  My attempts to convey emotion consist of capturing the ubiquitous form and light which comprise both the natural and abandoned landscapes.

Although traditional in the sense that my work follows in time only the classic masters of Weston and Adams, I find great individuality and freedom of expression in completing any given photograph.  While I enjoy immensely the mechanics of the process, of greater significance is the fact that I revel in spending time at the places where I choose to photograph.  My photographs represents not only how I envisioned a given scene but also my attempt to convey the emotion felt while I was viewing one symphony and simultaneously listening to another.

By sharing this collection of photographs then, the intent is that emotion will be evoked within and pondered by the viewer.  Perhaps then the work will have served some purpose other than merely for my own enjoyment.
So much the better.....
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